Too old to trick or treat

Just like Santa Claus a3478nd the Easter Bunny, Halloween is a symbol of the innocence of childhood, a way to evoke imagination and keep a child creative. As a teenager, as you become more independent and make your own decisions, you find yourself subconsciously holding onto the excitement and enchantment of being that innocent child. By continuing to trick or treat, you relive that feeling, but at the same time you ruin the chances for the same memories and experiences for the next generation.

Instead of remembering a night full of candy hunting and fun, children are going to remember teenagers cutting them in line, taking the whole bowl of candy a house innocently left unattended for trick or treaters, and a night not centered around them, but on the antics of teens. While not all teenagers do this, a majority of them do, not thinking about the consequences of their actions on those around them.

The repercussions of teenager’s actions are felt by many; people who give out candy refuse to give to teenagers; houses stop giving out candy early because the teenagers take them all; whole cities even condone trick or treating and instead have a small daytime event where children pretend to trick or treat in miniaturized pseudo towns.
It’s time for teenagers to move on from their childhood and give the next generation a chance to make the same mistakes as them.