Tattoo art on campus

Tattoos have been an art-form and artistic expression used by cultures all over the world for centuries. Despite that, they have been a taboo idea in America and other westernized countries until recently.

Multiple teachers at MAST have tattoos, including newly minted Doctor Samantha Banal, the Dual Enrollment English teacher, who has 9 tattoos spread over both of her arms.

Banal believes that tattoos are great tools to express yourself, but cautions getting them impulsively, saying “Once you get one of them it feels like you have to get 50, and you have to be careful about what you want to do for a living, as there are still some jobs that require you to wear long sleeves all day,” Banal said.

Still, she thinks that tattoos are great way to represent yourself in a unique and colorful manner, recommending getting them with someone who has a plethora of tattoo experience to not be a cheated by the artists overcharging for standard designs.

There are many students with tattoos as well, including Junior Nichoklas Sanchez, who has a design of a Celtic Knot on his right wrist. He went with his mother to get the tattoo. He got the tattoo cause his mother has the same tattoo and he went with her to get the design many years ago.

Tattoos can have a multitude of meanings. Banal’s favorite tattoo, on (picture location), is  the layout of the Library in the British Museum, a location where many of her favorite authors and poets worked.

Sanchez’s tattoo has multiple meanings, and the most obvious one is the symbols meaning in Celtic culture.

Sanchez’s describes the tattoo as “One spiral means the people, one spiral means nature, and the other represents the unknown. The three spirals comes together to form a center.” Sanchez said

This specific Knot has a quote corresponding to it, “No matter how you wander, you will always be centered with the universe,” Sanchez said. The tattoo also has a more personal meaning to him, as being there with his mother while getting the tattoo had a large positive effect on their relationship.

Whether getting a tattoo to showcase some of your favorite artists or to represent a strong connection you have with someone in your life, tattoos are a great, safe way to express yourself to the outside world. If your under 18 you can get a tattoo with parent permission or wait until your 18 and get one with no restrictions.