One cannot outgrow Halloween

October event where kids across America dress up in costumes and go out into the night to acquire sweet handfuls of wrapped cavities from neig4444hbors they would otherwise never interact with. Then eventually, after hours of hunting, they lug home their heavy bags of loot and settle down to gorge themselves for the next few days. So why do we stop? When do we stop? What exactly is it that makes us stop taking out our costumes and start giving it out to the new crop of young faces?
The answer is simple, society.
Depending on where you live and how you were raised, you might have stopped trick-or-treating at age 12 like those who live in Boonsboro, Washington County, Md where residents were informed trick-or-treating will only be open to children 12 and under. But you might still go out candy hoarding even at the age of 17 or older.3333
Many college students have admitted to going out Trick-or-treating, usually after the younger children would go. Especially at universities with international programs, where students may want to Trick-or-treat with their friends who have never experienced the Americanized Holiday.
True, many teenagers have shifted from Trick-or-treating to Halloween parties, but many of those parties tend to take place on other days as driving on Halloween can be dangerous.