Junior Judith Benigni helps at Catholic school in Turks and Caicos

It is a truth universally acknowledged that the end of the school year is a time of joy for students. But before we can officially enjoy the summer, loose ends have to be tied up which can come in the form of graduations, award ceremonies, and celebratory end of the year activities. So to aid in these efforts, junior Judith Benigni traveled to the island nation of Turks and Caicos to do just that.

Benigni kicked off her summer in the island of Providenciales in Turks and Caicos. During the month and a half she spent there, the first two weeks of her time were devoted to the Holy Family Academy, one of the only Catholic schools on the island. The school itself is a quaint school of roughly 100 students or fewer, located in a very isolated region of the island. Their classroom situation is not at the standard that Americans are used to, but the students there love the school and learning all the same.

Her arrival in Providenciales corresponded with the last two weeks of their school year so Benigni was able to help out as an acting teacher’s assistant for the kindergarten classes, teaching and attending to the class while the teacher was not present.

Since their school year was coming to a close, Benigni’s work was mainly devoted to helping the principal, Mrs. Wilma Perez, in making sure that their end of school activities went smoothly. These activities revolved around the graduation ceremonies for the kindergarten and eighth grade classes.
“I helped set up the room where graduation would take place and then set up the room where the kids would eat. I also helped with diplomas and certificates,” Benigni said.

Besides academia, Benigni also helped the kindergarten class rehearse the songs they would sing at the graduation ceremony and participated in a “fun day” in which all the staff and faculty came together for a friendly game of volleyball.

“Visiting Turks and Caicos was nice because it was very relaxing; life takes on a different pace. But for the people that live there it’s different. Life is harder and a good education isn’t easy to find. I was impressed seeing how these kids wouldn’t let their difficult lives keep them down. They come to school so happy and willing to learn that they are truly a joy to work with,” Benigni said.


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