How certain factors can affect your happiness: Music

Music has a strong influence on a person’s mood, especially on their happiness. Researchers from the University of Missouri found that people respond positively to music that is more upbeat and happy.
Dr. Yana Ferguson, the study’s lead author, was surprised that people can have their mood affected by something as simple as listening to upbeat music.
“We found that people were successful at raising their positive mood as long as the music they listened to was happy and upbeat,” Ferguson said.
The findings found that the upbeat music triggered a rush of the feel-good chemical dopamine in the brain’s pleasure center. Research into the way the brain responds to music can enormously help scientists treat disorders like depression in better ways.
“The findings in this research contribute to the growing area of science on well-being and to better understanding how people may become happier … and the results are encouraging for people who are interested in trying out various activities to feel their positive effects in their lives,” Ferguson said.
With all the new tests coming up on the horizon, students are stressed out and looking for ways to relax and not spiral into stress and exhaustion. Music might just be the solution to maintaining a positive outlook.
“Classic rock always makes me feel happy,” junior Olivia Pertierra said.
Music can be a great escape from the pressure of juggling good grades, being involved in extracurricular activities, and maintaining a social life, and make you significantly happier than before.