Behind the Magic: the Imagineers that make Disney possible

Walt Disney World could be considered the most magical place on Earth. From their grand castles and mansions to the nightly show-stopping fireworks display, and every miniscule detail in between, it is hard to believe that the world of Disney is not created by magic.
However, behind the grand-scale production of Disney is a team that works day in and day out to create the magic and never before seen wonders that make Disney World the spectacle it is today.
The Walt Disney Imagineers are the creative forces that combine imagination and engineering to make the fantasy of Disney into a reality.
The Imagineers build the iconic attractions and are responsible for creating the shows that make lifelong memories for the visitors.
Using the latest technology, the Imagineers enhance the story-telling legacy set forth by Disney and bring it into the new age.
While they are most notably responsible for the Disney theme parks, the Imagineers are also responsible for other Disney ventures including their hotels, water parks, retail and entertainment districts, cruise ships, animatronics, and interactive entertainment all over the world.
The iconic layout of Disney’s Magic Kingdom was created thanks to the groundbreaking work of Walt Disney and his Imagineers.
The vast array of lands and atmospheres at Disney were creatively engineered to fully immerse the visitors into the Disney experience.
The park was designed in such a way that visitors are able to pass from one land to another without seeing any of the others.
If you were in Liberty Square you would not be able to see Fantasyland because of the intricately placed trees, buildings, and flashy distractions.
The noises and distractions keep the visitors focused on the area they are in, creating a timeless and uninterrupted feel. Everything down to the sidewalks was built to craft a certain atmosphere around the parks, adding to the overall magical experience of Disney.
Many of their ingenious innovations and solutions are also manifested in the attractions and shows all over the Disney theme parks. In the Epcot ride Soarin’, one of the Walt Disney Imagineers, Mark Sumner, took inspiration from an old Erector set he found in his attic and found a way to simulate hang gliding.
Through his innovations as an Imagineer, people are situated on an inverted track in which each visitor has an optimal view of the OMNIMAX screen.
The ride seamlessly imitates flying and gives the rider a panoramic view of famous landmarks in California, as well as several hidden Mickeys dispersed throughout the projection.
Along with creative new attractions for the masses, Disney Imagineers return to old ideas that have yet to come to fruition.
The classic Disney World ride The Haunted Mansion was first proposed as a walk-through wax museum, but through constant revisions and reworking the ideas of the attraction, the Imagineers were able to concoct the recipe that lead to one of Disney World’s most recognizable attractions.
Over the years, the Walt Disney Imagineers’ claim to fame has been their groundbreaking work in Audio-Animatronics.
It first started out as a small-scale trial of creating a three-dimensional, mechanical bird, which led to the development of The Enchanted Tiki Room show in Disney World.
As the technology expanded, the Imagineers were able to produce large-scale animatronics seen in The Pirates of the Caribbean, The Haunted Mansion, and The Hall of Presidents attractions among others in the parks.
Visitors are able to interact with prominent animatronics like Lucky the Dinosaur, WALL-E, and Remy from Ratatouille.
On a global scale, Disney theme parks around the world are influenced by the hard work and imagination of the Imagineers.
Their creativity sparks the creation of awe-inspiring theme parks in a multitude of other countries.
Walt Disney Imagineers continually raise the bar on all forms of guest experiences, fashioning new forms of entertainment while still sticking the core ideals of Disney.
While they still focus their energy on the current attractions at Disney, they keep an eye on the future to ensure they bring cutting edge experiences for the visitors to come.
Through the work of the Imagineers, imagination, innovation, and creativity will always be the driving force behind Disney.