Embrace the right kind of change

Change: the word seems an inseparable part of the Mako vernacular. Our school is always striving to improve, to push the educational envelope. This is particularly true of this school year, which saw a myriad of changes effect the student body, campus, and even daily life at MAST Academy.  From schedule snafus to the elimination of activities period, the school has embarked on a path of hard hats and promises from which there is no turning back.

No turning back. This is the operative phrase. While this transitional period may not be the most graceful, it is necessary. People have a tendency to cling to nostalgic notions of the past, of an idyllic time where “things were as they should be.” It is time for us to release these notions. Clinging to the past serves no one, and often runs contrary to progress.

We need to embrace the fact that MAST has changed, that MAST is changing, and that MAST will continue to change. We are at a crossroads. Do we want to live in the past, or do we want to evolve along with our school?

Yet, evolution does not necessitate a complete and utter makeover. Tradition is important, and has made MAST the nationally recognized school it is. Though there is room for updating and improving on some of these traditions, there are certain MAST traits that should never change. Excellent, brilliant teachers who know your name, small class sizes that encourage meaningful discussion and learning, the tangible closeness between student and teacher. These are the things that make MAST unique and the school it is today. We should never give an inch of compromise in these areas.

If we bury our heads in the sand, the school we know and love will be taken from us and we will be left none the wiser. Those who truly care about the future of our school need to get involved in the shaping of its destiny. In the end, there will be two groups, as is inevitable in every instance change enters the picture: those who refuse to adapt, and those who recognize a challenge and rise to it.

Let’s be the ones who rise to the challenge.