Hidden costs of applying to college

As many high school seniors have begun to undergo the arduous college application process they’ve realized that beyond the price tag of tuition, the cost of applying alone is far greater than many initially realized.
A large number of students started out with a long list of schools they would like to apply to in the hopes that there would ultimately be more options to choose from, but upon discovering the expenses associated with each application, sacrifices had to be made.
The fact that applications alone can cost anywhere between 30 and 80 dollars is already discouraging enough to the aspiring student. Add on to that the initial fee of sending test scores, it starts to become undoable. Sending SAT and SAT Subject Test score reports through the College Board is $11.25 for each school on the recipient list. Fortunately, students have the ability to send all College Board schools at once. However, sending ACT score reports is $12 for each individual report per school, meaning that if a student takes the ACT three times, he is looking at a $36 cost to send these score reports.
The costs do not quit stacking up here. For some schools, a CSS PROFILE is required. This is an application for financial aid that requires extensive research into the personal financial information of a student’s family, so that a school can determine how much money it will give to the student in regards to tuition assistance.
The CSS PROFILE is $9 to create, and then $16 to send to each individual school. It is ironic that students have to pay so that a college can tell them how much financial aid they are eligible to receive.
Applying to college is, understandably, an emotionally and physically draining process. Students are presenting themselves to schools in the hopes that all they have done throughout their academic career will be enough to get them accepted.
Although there is nothing wrong with institutions being selective as to the type of students they want to fill their campuses, it is wrong that students are forced to put such a large financial burden on themselves and their families in order to apply to college.
Fortunately for MAST Academy students, the demanding process that is applying to college is made less strenuous thanks to the excellent CAP program that is available.
With the assistance of our counselors, taking the next step towards our futures, however frightening it may be, is less scary.