Changes foster new community

It is sufficient to say that this school year has brought about the greatest changes MAST Academy has seen thus far. The opening of the new building alone has resulted in new faces, both teachers and students alike, better parking, exceptional views, and, most surprisingly, increased physical activity.

It is now common for a student to see unfamiliar faces as they walk the halls. This is something that could not have been said a few years prior.

Having 550 students allowed for many traditions, some of which have already been put to an end. These include the freshman-senior breakfast, activities period, and the controversial Freshmen Friday.

Although this year could not be more different, the possibility of new, and perhaps even better, traditions lies on the horizon.

While it is true the recent changes have marked the end of what was once a quaint maritime school, it is safe to say our school’s transformation will facilitate an era of optimistic beginnings.

By the same token, students and faculty get to experience a pleasant change from last year’s parking fiasco. Unlike last year, there is now more than enough room for students and teachers to park their cars.

It is an indisputable fact that the greatest thing to come out of the new building’s development is the exceptional views. From almost every classroom, both students and teachers are able to look out the window and see breathtaking views of either a striking beach or calming bay.

It is one of the many things students have to look forward to as they are making the arduous journey up the stairs.

However, it is difficult not to look at the new building and fear the loss of tradition that has colored MAST for so long. Will the class of 2020 remember the beloved Gilmore Kidd? Will the stories of the freshmen-senior breakfast still be retold long after those who have experienced it are gone? It is not the fear of change itself, but rather the fear of forgetting what once was.

It is crucial both students and faculty band together and accept all the changes ahead, both visible and otherwise. No matter its size, MAST is, and always will be, a truly unique school that will continue to foster joyful memories.