Varona’s Views on Girls Volleyball

Girls’ volleyball is off to a hot startthis season. With an 11-4 record, the girls have taken the beginning of the season by storm.

With wins against rivals like Monsignor Edward Pace High school and Miami Springs High School, the girls have shown that the team is on the right path to reach their goal of winning Districts. Their first loss, Terra Environmental Research Institute, was a game that went to five sets. This year’s girls’ volleyball team has made it a point to dig far in their games; the win against Miami Springs also came in five sets.

Coach Gaston Rubio says the biggest difference between last year’s team, which finished 10-6, and this year’s team is the addition of a consistent setter, of sophomore Angelica Torres. In seasons past, the team has had players play as setters and do a good job, but these players were not the steady and experienced setter the team needed.

Experience has also played a huge part in the team’s success. “Last year I had six freshman and an eighth grader on the team. These players now have a year under their belt,” Rubio said.

The future of the volleyball team is going to be based on experience, but not just in the way Rubio mentioned. The addition of a junior varsity volleyball team is key to the development of future players. “The JV team is going to give players the playing time they need in order to become great prospects. Coach Funcia [Girls Volleyball Junior Varsity coach] has been instrumental in her work with the JV team. She deserves a lot of credit,” Rubio said.

Also essential to the team’s progress has been overnight tournaments, like their Key West tournament. The girls traveled down in a bus, a great opportunity for team bonding, and stayed overnight to play a total of four games, losing to South Fork High School and Cooper City High School and defeating Coral Shores High School and Monsignor Edward Pace High School for an overall finish of second place.

Jennifer Kurack, senior and captain of the team, said, “We have a really united and complete team. Rubio has been so dedicated to the team. He found us a gym. We practice at Ransom at six, and we practice on Sundays, and he found us tournaments.”

If there’s a lesson to be taken of from the girls volleyball team, it is that the secret to success is a mix of skill, experience, a passionate coach and players who give their all.