Laura Leigh Rampey: Marathons

Mathematics teacher Laura Leigh Rampey has been walking marathons for many years now. In doing this she has been able to find an escape from the normal activities of her everyday life.

Rampey walked her first half marathon in 2003 after her brother and close friend walked a full one. After that she decided that if she could walk half she should be able to walk a full one. She trained for a year and in 2004 completed her first full marathon.

“It’s sort of my time to be alone in my head,” Rampey said, describing how walking enables her to relax.

In addition to sometimes training with a group, she also enjoys listening to music while walking.

She enjoys rockabilly, punk, and blues, and her favorite song, “I Would Walk 500 Miles” by The Proclaimers, is certainly very fitting to her workout.

An injury to her knee cap in 2012 interrupted her training. Yet, she continues to train and loves to do marathons. Rampey is always pushing herself to improve but is nonetheless proud of how far she has come.

“I have the satisfaction that I’ve accomplished something respectable within what I do,” Rampey said, adding that walking the marathons challenges her in ways that she is not used to and she enjoys