Fatodu focuses on Boys Soccer

After a string of losing seasons, head coach of the boys soccer team, Robert Suarez, is no longer content with his team’s mediocre play. He wants to win and he wants to win now.
“Our goals for this season are to win a GMAC Championship, win a district title, and make it to regionals,” Suarez said.
Although these are lofty goals for a team that has a storied history of failure, Suarez believes the addition of fresh young talent- Freshmen Carlos Garcia, Julian Botero, and Ryan Hernandez- and a smaller roster might just be the changes the soccer team needs to succeed.
Reduced from a 28 to a 22-man squad, the soccer team’s smaller size will give Suarez and new assistant coach, Gaston Rubio, more time to work with each individual player. A smaller team also provides more clarity to the players and causes more interaction among them.
It also does not hurt that the team’s morale is positive.
“From last season, I’ve seen more of a willingness to get to work and a better attitude has spread throughout the team,” Suarez said.
However, despite these changes, the boys soccer team, as with any team, still has a lot of work to do.
“The biggest challenges we face are a continued progression of team chemistry and staying healthy during a 20-game season,” Suarez said.
After turning over a new leaf, the boys soccer team record is currently 3-3.