Fatodu focuses on: Boys Basketball

With three wins and nine losses, the boys basketball team has shown drastic improvement from last year’s winless season. Last season, not only did the boys basketball team not win a game, but they were steamrolled almost every single game. Although their current three-win record might not show much improvement, it is not an accurate reflection of the team’s level of play. Two of the team’s four losses were by a deficit of only four points.
A revamped roster is the main reason for the basketball team’s newly found success. New members of the squad include freshman Diego Torres, sophomores Tyler Gaskins and Bryce Raley, and juniors Patrick Blanco and Kenny Iglesias.
The most notable addition has been Blanco who has been consistently dominant at power forward despite his short stature, scoring more than 15 points on several occasions.
“Patrick plays good defense when he needs to and always hustles for the ball. He also makes great plays on offense when the team really needs it,” sophomore Vinson Rafael said.
In his second year as the boys basketball team’s head coach, Alan Joseph has worked hard to eradicate the team’s culture of losing.
In regard to their recent success, co-captain Jonathan Roberts said, “We wanted to win more games than we did last season, so what really helped was extra training at the rec center on the weekends, more hands on coaching, and more team work.”