FANtastic parents: ultimate family goals

Whether it be loud cheering, post-game snacks, pom-poms, or being the team chauffeur, parents are essential to any sports team. The support and dedication of parents complement the hardwork and determination of an athlete.  From peewee sports, to high school athletics, and even the Olympic Games, parental support is critical to the success of their children.


First Interview: Joseph’s Mom, Eileen Galego

Kaylee Rodriguez: What draws you to support the team at every game? Why do you enjoy cheering for the game?

Mom’s name: The great group of determined boys that make up the MAST JV and Varsity teams is what draws me to support them. Watching the boys go from tryouts, practices, and games has been a journey and a pleasure to watch. It makes us proud of these boys! The canmaredie the boys share is seen off and on the court. We enjoy cheering at the games b/c we know how much hard work has gone into the practices and games.


R: How important do you think parental support is to a child?

M: I think parental support is most important in any child’s life. It gives them a sense of self worth and self confidence. I wouldn’t miss a single game!


R:What’s your interaction with the other parents of the team?

M: To be in the stands at every game with the other parents, cheering and screaming for the teams, has been an awesome experience. All of us fanatic fans have a common thread: a respectful, confident, persistent, and determined son on the team.


Mikey Clavijo: Elizabeth Clavijo, Mom

R:How important do you think parental support is to a child?

M: I think it is important for children to feel the support of their parents in all they do. In a way we as parents are building their self esteem for the future. We won’t always be there as they grow up. I think it is essential to their future to know that their parents are there for support, guidance, or just to listen.


R:Why do you enjoy cheering/showing your support at the games?

M:I love to cheer for my kids and their teammates. Whether it is a win or a loss on the scoreboard, when they all play together and give it their all for each other, it is always a win.


R:Having three children that played/are playing on the soccer team, how much of an impact does their sport have on your life?

M: All three of my children have been playing soccer since they were four years old. For a few years they were all doing travel soccer at the same time. It has been a big sacrifice both on family time and financially. It has been worthwhile so far. We have created life long friendships along the way which we would not have otherwise. We always try to make it to games as a family when work, game, and social schedules allow.


Julia Ugan on her mother Beatrice Ugan

R:What does your mother’s support mean to you?

U:Having my mom come to my games means the world to me. She has never missed one club tournament or high school game. No matter what she has on her plate, she has always managed to make it on time and cheer on, not just myself, but the whole team. Having my mom’s support brings us closer together now that we can share a love I have for the game.


R:What has your mother done to go above and beyond just coming to the games?

U:My mom has done a lot of planning for the events that we have. Without her we probably would not have had our team dinners, senior night, or snack for the games. She works with other moms as well to make this happen and I could not be more grateful to know that, additional to her personal work, she is able to squeeze me in and help out as much as she can.

A lot of people believe that having a parent show up to a game might be embarrassing or “uncool” but honestly, it brings such a great feeling to know that they are there for you. Some parents are busy with work and cannot come, but I believe that if they can make it you should not convince them not to.