Dance to success

Amidst the red, white and blue of the MAST Academy auditorium, members of the Fusion Dance Team stretch their muscles before practice. Captains Katherin Rojo and Justice St. Paul stand in stage right and mark ideas for their upcoming Winter Showcase performance.
After much brainstorming, the duo teaches the roughly ten-second routine to the dancers. One would think that a few run-throughs would be fine, but these girls aim for perfection. For more than half an hour they spend time perfecting every kick and spin in the routine, until it is right on time.
“We will be incorporating modern dance, ballet, hip-hop, step, robot/break dance and crew dance styles. Inspired by Wildabeast, Mega Jam, Yanis Marshall, and the Step Up dance movies choreography,” Rojo said about the dance routine, which will be performed on December 16 in the Winter Showcase.
Rojo, who has been dancing since she was four, says she likes dance because “it brings people together, it’s a cardio workout, but mostly because it’s a way to express yourself freely and forget about any stress.”
After an hour of hard work, the dancers discuss plans for next week’s practices and make promises to meet up to continue working towards their goal, a great performance with some show-stopping moves.