Water on Mars

My middle school science teacher always talked about how when we were older, there would be a hotel on the moon. But I think even she would be surprised to hear about the recent discovery of water on Mars.
The possibility of life on another planet is exciting and nerve-racking. Can Earth and all its amenities be replicated on another planet? Will there be a point in time where it is necessary for people to immigrate to Mars?
Turns out, Mars is not completely unfit for human life as people once thought. Scientists have been studying the planet for years and suspect that there was water.
It required the occurrence of light waves returned from seasonal dark streaks on the surface like the ones found to confirm that there is water on the Red Planet.
The detection of hydrated salts on these slopes means that water plays a vital role in the formation of these streaks. In one area, frozen water beneath the surface is as large as California and Texas combined.
There are doubts about the water quality, considering scientists know near to nothing about it. Some consider that the water on Mars may be too salty to support life forms. If there is fresh water, they believe it to be much deeper because of the frozen surface.
“The saltiness of the water is probably very similar to that of our oceans on Earth. The streaks show erosion which is where the water gets it’s salt,” sience teacher Christina Walker said.
It is still undetermined exactly where the water comes from. One theory is melting subsurface ice or even a liquid-water aquifer.
This is not the first discovery of water on Mars. Researchers have known for many years that Mars has water frozen at its poles, in its thin atmosphere, and, most recently, in tiny puddles that appear to form at night on the surface.
This raises the question if there will be life in the future on the Red Planet. The world is not overpopulated, contrary to popular belief. Of course, some places on the globe have a high population. Earth’s special patterns show that the coasts are the most populated areas.
If there did come a time, considering the exponential growth that is occurring, people could simply move inland. There are more pressing issues like climate change threatening human existence.
What a crazy idea that is; another planet could support human life in the future. I believe amenities like buildings, sidewalks, water fountains, and air conditioning can be replicated on Mars. Something that cannot be brought, recreated, or enjoyed in the same way it is on Earth is its dense and extensive history.
Historic sites like the Leaning Tower of Pisa and Great Wall of China are wonders that will not appear again.
Although it is quite premature to even be thinking of these matters, people are constantly told to be forward thinkers. So that is what they will be, because the world or more appropriately, Mars is our oyster.