The Dream in Green challenge

Experimental Science is making a big splash during its inaugural year. From making putty to collaborating with NASA, the class is now taking on a new project that could potentially change the face of our school. The Dream in Green challenge aims to transform the school into the first largely, eco-friendly school in Miami Dade County. This would be accomplished through a series of projects such as the installation of solar panels and rooftop gardens. Before anything is set in stone, a petition is being circulated to the teachers with the goal of making them all signatories.

“[We are partaking in this project] to preserve the Earth for future generations,” experimental science teacher Gina Sese said.

The challenge will be completed in steps and will include water and energy conservation measures as well as reducing the carbon footprint. In addition to this endeavor, Sese is also partnering with NASA to conduct research on the growth of leafy produce under artificial lighting to apply it to growing food in space. This innovative class reflects the curiosity of our students and will surely make a lasting impact in the community.