Summer Science Programs

Many sophomore and junior students this summer will be taking on new challenges and gaining valuable knowledge through internships and other programs relating to the science field.

Laura Sandino

Junior Laura Sandino is ecstatic about the clinical research internship she will be taking on this summer. At the University of Miami, Sandino will participate in designing, performing and interpreting different research studies.She has hopes of one day going into the medical field and believes that working this summer with UM doctors will allow her to make important connections that may be used for the future in college and possibly in her career in medicine.

“I think this internship will help me gain meaningful experience by showing me what it’s like to work in a hospital environment and giving me more insight on what the future could bring.” Sandino said.

Sandino says that she found her internship through a doctor her parent is acquainted with. She suggests to other students trying to find something similar that they make their search through the school internship office that provides insightful emails geared toward service and work experiences. Another approach to finding a summer program in science is to actively seek out other connections in the field of interest.

Leonardo Brito

Other students take a different approach to gaining experience for the future. Junior Leonardo Brito will be attending Stanford for a semester of study.

“Stanford has open seats available in their classes during the summer semester as many of their students take on internships or simply leave for vacation and so they invite high school students to apply to fill in the vacancies. So I applied, wrote three supplements, provided my transcript and a month later I got in.” Brito said.

Brito will be taking two courses, ‘Intro to Neuroscience’ and ‘Intro to Human Physiology’.

He plans on fully immersing himself in the college experience by staying in the dorms on campus and participating in school activities available to him. Brito says he is considering going into neurology in the future and thinks that taking these courses will provide a foundation of knowledge to prepare for medical school. Brito found this opportunity last summer on a campus visit of Stanford. He says that he visited the admissions office and they alerted him of the summer semester option. Brito advises other students looking for a summer semester of study to call the schools they are interested and ask what kind of opportunities they offer high school students.

Cinthya Maldonaldo

Junior Cinthya Maldonaldo will be participating in the ‘High School Careers in Medicine’ workshop where she will be taught in health sciences alongside students from vastly diverse backgrounds. She too, is interested in pursuing medicine in college. The program is a classroom based setting with lessons and exams but offers students like Maldonaldo an opportunity to explore the medical field in a college level .

“It shows colleges that I have an interest in medicine and am willing to spend my summer investing my time in it.” Maldonaldo said.

She recommends other students to apply to every possible program they find interesting despite thinking that they will not get in. Maldonaldo found her specific program through the CAP counselors at school who periodically send out information on options for students to explore their interests before college.

Diana Espindola

Junior Diana Espindola will be participating in the ‘2018 MOSTEC’ program which stands for the MIT Online Science, Technology, and Engineering Community program. The program consists of two phases. The academic phase where students complete a series of online courses ranging from Mobile App Development, Machine Development to Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. The academic phases is concluded with a 5-day workshop on the MIT campus.The enrichment phases consists of webinars and Q&A sessions with MIT undergraduate and graduate MIT students as well as industry professionals.

“I advise that anyone hoping to attend a summer program to take note of organizations that offer curriculum which applies to their intended major,taking into consideration deadlines and requirements.” Espindola said.

She also suggests that others should take their applications into careful consideration when applying because rushing to finish last minute may lead to critical errors that would make an application weaker.