States rise to the gigabit challenge

The race to a faster internet connection has started, with internet providers across the nation laying the groundwork for a service that will provide speeds up to 100 times faster than the current national average, according to the Federal Communications Commission.
Internet behemoths such as Time Warner, AT&T, and even Google, have begun to lay out fiber optic cable in select cities, all hoping to be the ones to provide this new demand for insanely faster speeds.
This new venture is known universally as gigabit, the use of fiber optic cables to transmit data at an immensely faster rate than our currently used internet infrastructure.
Gigabit service will include the ability to download 25 songs per second, a TV show in three seconds, and a high-definition movie in approximately 36 seconds or less.
The race began when FCC chairman Julius Genachoski challenged each of the nation’s 50 states to have at least one community running on gigabit internet.
According to the Fiber to the Home Council, approximately 42 communities in 14 states are served by ultra-high-speed fiber Internet providers.
To help communities reach this goal, the FCC has established an online clearinghouse where information on how to establish cheaper and more effective broadband connections will be accessed by community leaders as well as providers.
The number of gigabit projects has grown over the last few months, with two of the strongest, more aggressive developers being AT&T and the well-known search-giant Google.
AT&T is taking advantage of their name in the field, making quick work in establishing what they call “Gigapower,” their name for their fiber-based service.
They have started development in numerous states including Kansas, California, Florida, and Georgia.
Google, using stronger advertising tactics and its household name, has been working on their gigabit service which they call “Google Fiber,” and has begun development in Kansas, Texas, and Utah.
Other suppliers working on gigabit include Time-Warner, Cox, Centurylink, and other independent projects.
Gigabit internet is already being made available in technology hotspots such as the Silicon Valley and Seattle, Washington.
Companies such as Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook can expect to soon have access to the fiber-based internet speeds that would increase productivity for these technology behemoths.
AT&T has a handle on most of the gigabit projects available in Florida. Miami, among other neighboring cities, can expect fiber-based speeds to be provided by AT&T’s Gigapower.
“Miami is proud to be the first city in Florida and the metropolitan Miami area where AT&T has announced it will build the AT&T GigaPower network. The deployment of ultra-high-speed broadband service will support innovation, our businesses, and our residents and will eventually further economic development in our community,” Mayor of Miami Tomas Regalado said.Capture2