Museum labeled as an “Environmental Hazard”

You may have seen or heard something about the Ice Cream Museum in your Instagram feed or over your lunch table. Featuring different ice cream flavors in every room and a Sprinkle Pool, the museum has become very popular and ticket sales have been temporarily paused in Miami.

However, behind all the glam and Instagram “feed goals”  there is something else many of us have not noticed: the tremendous amount of plastic the museum is made of. “It is interesting that just because this place is a popular tourist spot, people will visit without thinking about how it could affect our environment,” senior Natalie Santos said.

The amount of plastic is so big that the Museum has been categorized an “Environmental Hazard” in Miami. “I actually didn’t pay attention to the amount of plastic used, but thinking back on it I realize how much was used.They had a pool with a million plastic sprinkles,” Santos said. From plastic cones, to  plastic walls, if you have been to the museum it is of no surprise that it has been placed in such category. What we now await for is the museum’s response. Will they find a way to reduce the use of plastic? Or will they remain as they are and possibly harm the environment?