Makos in Science: Vinson Rafael

“Over the summer, [I participated in] the Summer Science Research Program at Barry University. Alongside students from numerous schools, we were able to learn and conduct our own experiments on the topic of GMOs,” sophomore Vinson Rafael said of the engaging two week experience.
The event focused on the increasing prominence of genetically modified foods. Rafael tested foods for the presence of GMOs and engaged in scientific experimentation that provided insight on chemical and biotechnical engineering with the help of doctors Redway and Petrino-Lin of Barry University.
“I additionally valued the college atmosphere, and the mentors that came to speak to us regarding preparation for college, including finding our career path, applying to colleges, and simply determining what our interests were,” Rafael said.
The experience gave Rafael the ability to work with inspiring students and mentors. The program consisted of experimentation, debate, and presentation on the topic of GMOs.
“My interest in GMOs has led me to choose it as the topic for my [English] research paper, and I have already found excellent sources and new information on the topic,” Rafael said.
Rafael got the opportunity to work with state-of-the-art tools, such as microscopes, microliter pipettes, thermal cyclers, PCR tubes, and agarose gel, required for PCR (polymerase chain reactions) and electrophoresis processes.
“I enjoyed many aspects of the program, especially the research we conducted. I could see myself working in the lab as a lab technician, chemical or biotechnical engineer,” Rafael said.