Makos in Science: Mario Sanchez

“I could definitely see myself pursuing a career in this field of study, and, in fact, I plan on majoring in neuroscience in college, and becoming a neurologist or neurosurgeon,” senior Mario Sanchez said.
In July, Sanchez landed an internship at the Lois Pope LIFE Center, Home of the Miami Project to Cure Paralysis, where he worked in the microbiology research laboratory of principal investigator Dr. Ross Bullock.
Under the supervision of his mentor, Dr. Shyam Gajavelli, and assistant researcher, Markus Spurlock, Sanchez participated in a research project that aimed to help injured soldiers recover from gun shot wounds to the head.
“[Gajavelli] made me conduct a lot of background readings on neurons and other experiments and cases to get me up to speed on what exactly was going on. My other mentor, Markus Spurlock, performed surgeries for me to view and taught me how to cut tissue samples of the brain using a Cryostat,” Sanchez said.
Neurology is a vast field, one that inherently allows for a great deal of intellectual exploration.
“What mainly sparked my interest in this particular field of science was the fact that it is the least known field of the human body and that there’s so much left for discovery. Also, my friend has a nephew with cerebral palsy and I had always wanted to know a way in which I could help him. Questions concerning neurological disorders and how I could help find the problem and cure sparked my interest to enter this field,” Sanchez said.