Innovation that Excites: Filtration Systems

Big changes have come to the school. As we become more environmentally friendly, the campus has evolved into a greener establishment. Thanks to the ECLIPSE Club and their persistent effort, they achieved one of their primary goals for the school year. Through the democratic process of petition, they have now gotten the school a water bottle filling attachment.

“The ECLIPSE Club worked so hard to get this attachment on campus. Seeing it on the cafeteria wall and how a lot of people use it makes us very happy, as our work to make the planet greener is paying off,” club historian Emily Rojo said.

The purpose of the new apparatus is to reduce plastic pollution by encouraging students to bring their own reusable waters to school, as it is now easier to refill them.

As we progress in this eco-friendly path, we further honor MAST Academy’s designation as a Green Apple School.