The importance of altruism in our community

High school can be a difficult time for many students, and there are a lot of factors that contribute to it being an extremely stressful time. In this day and age, not only are we expected to be at the top of our class, but we are also supposed to be well-rounded, be involved in a number of clubs, do community service work, be social, and have time for family.
Having all these rules and impositions society makes it overwhelmingly difficult to succeed in high school, let alone in life.
However, for many of us, high school is not the only hardship we have to face; there is such an extensive amount of other problems any student could be facing that may be much more stressful than any test or homework assignment.
This makes it that much more difficult for a student to manage their already intensive workload.
It is important that we all remember this the next time we speak to another student, or another person, for that matter.
There is no limit to the situation anyone at our school could be facing, and it is unfair to treat them with anything less than absolute kindness. As the saying goes, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Growing up, one of the phrases I often heard was, “Kill them with kindness.”
I have realized that it is important that we recognize the value all lives hold, and to treat everyone with the respect and care they deserve.
Kindness is important. If someone is going through a rough patch, being nice to them can lift their spirits.
Treating others with generosity creates an open environment where everyone feels comfortable and accepted, and it is when we create this honest community that true change can be achieved.
This paves the way for us to build stronger bonds and relationships with one another.
Along with lifting spirits and creating a healthy environment for others, kindness also has beneficial health effects.
It can cause an increase in energy, strengthen the immune system, and even have anti-aging effects.
There are many factors to being kind, but undoubtedly the most crucial is treating people the way they deserve to be treated.
We must stay kind, especially with the horrors already circulating the world, because all it takes is one harsh comment to send someone over the deep end. No one should be responsible for these devastating consequences.
In fact, a 2014 study on over 5,000 teens found that 46 percent of teens have contemplated suicide.
But most would not know this. Humans have an uncanny ability of hiding behind fake smiles and empty laughs. In spite of the emotional mask most choose to hide behind, take notice of those around you and be conscious of all one might be going through.
Anyone can be suffering from a personal battle. And it is for this reason that kindness is such a vital characteristic to carry on throughout life, do not limit your acts of altruism to your immediate community.
It takes less effort to be nice than to be mean.