School slurs contribute to discrimination

Considering the recent events and horrifying rallies centered around hate and division by groups such as the KKK, Neo-Nazis and white supremacists, The Beacon wishes to remind MAST Academy that in such a diverse student body, there is no place for these sort of individuals.

No matter what the First Amendment says, you are not allowed to call people slurs, whether it is a racial, or not.

While the First Amendment might protect residents in the legal sense, it does not mean you are free of consequence to say what you want, especially if insulting to a large portion of both the student body and the citizens of the United States. In such troubled times, the student body should be a united, cohesive group.

   Even if you do not get caught by a teacher or administration, that these slurs are hurtful, not only to the students they target but also the people who hear them. It normalizes such language and discrimination, leading to an almost resigned acceptance that such ideologies exist. These slurs are reprehensive, showcasing a destructive ideology.

   These ideologies foster white supremacy, although you may not think slurs hold such weight. If you see a fellow student using such language, make sure to reprimand them and make them aware of the harm slurs can do. Everyone should be united in such troubled times, and all MAST students should be open and friendly to their classmates, no one should feel persecuted or judged for who they are. As white supremacist rallies become more and more commonplace around the country, we hope MAST Academy continues to portray a welcoming and accepting America.