Ramblings: lackluster lyrics

Every day, as I turn on the radio in the car to listen to music on the way home from school, I am hit with the sound of the same songs over and over again. Their lyrics burn into my mind, and the messages of the songs sink in. What has become of the music industry, I wonder.
Gone are the days when artists cared about influencing their listeners in a positive way. Now, dirty and negative lyrics are found in the most-listened to songs on the radio. The idea of getting high has become a common subject for songs. “Habits,” by Tove Lo is solely about getting high. The chorus of the song repeats the phrase “You’re gone and I gotta stay/high all the time/to keep you off my mind,” constantly. And if that is not bad enough, it encourages going to sex clubs, wasting money, and having loose sex after a break-up.
Gone are the days of romantic love songs that actually make being in a relationship seem like a beautiful thing. Nudity and the physical aspects of love are celebrated in songs, almost as if that that is the only thing that matters. Not to mention the edge of creepiness added in the lyrics.
“Animals,” by Maroon 5 has a catchy rhythm that draws listeners in. But when you actually pay attention to the lyrics you notice it has a stalker-ish bent to its lyrics. For example, “Baby, I’m preying on you tonight/Hunt you down eat you alive.” Here, love is being described as a dangerous obsession. The song also goes on to say, “I get so high when I’m inside you,” a description of love that is more explicit than it needs to be.
Ideally, love songs should make love seem appealing, not like a disturbing obsession. But, nowadays, more and more songs portray love as built on the physical rather than on getting to know a person and actually liking them for who they are. Stalker elements or other violent imagery added to the lyrics only make matters worse. It’s hard to believe that anyone would see stalking as romantic in any way, shape, or form.
Artists of the 70s, 80s, and 90s dominate lists of the top love songs ever made. This is because back then, love songs were romantic. They made people feel special about themselves instead of being disturbed. One of my favorite love songs, “I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing” by Aerosmith is about a man cherishing the woman he loves. It does talk not at all about her physical aspects, but about her, in general, as a person he misses even when she sleeps. The rhythm and the lyrics make it a beautiful song unlike the rhythm and lyrics of today’s songs.
Corruption is heavily abundant in today’s society. Music is becoming a bad influence on children and teenagers alike. Parents are finding themselves having to censor more and more of the songs their children are listening to. Music should be an enjoyable thing, not something to fear or be disturbed by. Instead of making a positive impact on listeners, artists are doing a better of job of corrupting them.