Ramblings: guns n’ teachers

The world we live in is a scary and dangerous place. Almost every week, we hear of a shooting that has taken place somewhere around the world. Since the Sandy Hook massacre occurred in December 2012, ten states, most recently Missouri in September 2014, have passed laws allowing adults with concealed-weapons permits to keep weapons in schools. Florida is not among those ten states.
Allowing certain adults to carry guns into school should be allowed in Florida because it better ensures the safety of the students. If a gunman comes into a school, turning off the lights, hiding, locking the door, and waiting for the police to show up is not the best method. There needs to be someone who can stand up and defend the students before it is too late.
Not every teacher should be allowed to carry guns, but there should be a select group of highly-trained teachers and security guards that should.
For example, if a teacher or a security guard already has a military background or has been trained in using guns, then they should be allowed to carry a gun to school that they are willing to use in the defense of the students should the need ever arise.
An evaluation should be conducted regarding the mental stability of each individual member of the group. In addition, the members of this group of faculty should be a secret kept from the students, and perhaps should be kept a secret even from one another. Weapons should be hidden in places students could not find and would never accidentally run into.
Those opposed to this motion argue that it would be a problem if a student chanced upon one of these firearms, but if students are not aware of who carries the guns in the first place, and if those teachers hide the guns in places students will have a hard time finding, then this will not be a problem.
In fact, some states, like Missouri already have a system like this in place. Teachers with concealed weapons permits are allowed to carry guns onto school grounds, but to become a “school protection officer,” they have to be trained under designated training guidelines.
Since the Columbine shooting in Colorado on April 1998, there have been various other incidents where students have planned to shoot up their school in a similar fashion. Some of these incidents were stopped before the student could put his or her plan into action. For example, in February 2001, three teenagers who admired the Columbine killers were arrested when bomb-making materials, ammunition, and two black trench coats were discovered in their home.
Other times, however, like the Sandy Hook massacre, these incidents resulted in the deaths of many students and teachers.
For this reason, trained faculty members should be allowed to carry firearms on school grounds. How many more children have to die before this world can realize the severity of the situation?