Ramblings… Bacon sweeps nation

We’ve all heard someone say that anything with bacon on it tastes good. Ask almost any American whether or not they like bacon, and they are most likely to say they love it. Why? Because bacon is one of the most amazing foods in America.
Let’s face it, bacon tastes like heaven. It does not matter what you mix it in with. It will taste even better when you put bacon in it.
Bacon can be eaten with every meal, whether it is breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even dessert. Most commonly, bacon is eaten during breakfast as a compliment to eggs. However, it can also be used in waffles. For lunch or dinner, bacon can be put on a sandwich or a hamburger to enhance the taste. Sometimes people wrap their meat or seafood in bacon, such as bacon-wrapped pork or bacon-wrapped scallops. Finally, for dessert, some people eat chocolate-covered bacon or it can even be put into cakes. There’s no wonder a lot of Southern food contains bacon; it tastes good with just about anything.
But being able to eat bacon with every meal is not enough to make bacon awesome. Every year on the Saturday before Labor Day is International Bacon Day. Yes, bacon is so cool it has its own holiday. Bacon day was begun in 2000 in Bedford, Massachusetts by residents of Crag.
Typically bacon day is celebrated through social gatherings in which people consumed an assortment of bacon-themed dishes for any or all meals.
According to Meat Trade News, more than 2 billion pounds of bacon are produced annually in the US. And if that’s not enough, even in the past, bacon was important. As early as 1500 BCE, the Chinese begun salting pork bellies, which is essentially what bacon is made out of. Furthermore, according to the English Breakfast Society, during the 16th century bacon was a staple for European peasants because it was easy to produce and a cheap meat source.
In addition, bacon seemed to be a meat to be proud of as European peasants would display the small amount of bacon they could afford for others to see. In other words, bacon seemed to have been a lifeline for many people in history.
Nowadays, many people claim bacon seems unhealthy, but, in fact, it actually contains essential vitamins and minerals. According to Bacon Today, we can receive 65% of our daily Vitamin B1 from bacon. Vitamin B12 can help fight Anemia and boost vitality, while Zinc, also found in bacon, has antioxidants that help boost your immunity. The iron and protein to fat ratio is four to one, which is one of the highest protein to fat ratios found on Earth.
Not many foods can say that they are the perfect vision of heaven. Bacon in all its glory is certainly one of the most amazing foods on Earth. So next time you sit down to eat to a tasteless meal, remember to slap some bacon on it because, as we all know, bacon goes good with everything.