Parking issues can place students and cars in peril

Crossing the Rickenbacker Causeway, students, faculty, and staff alike cannot help but admire the sun rising over the expansive ocean and Miami skyline.
However, any joy gained from this sight is quickly lost upon turning into the new parking lot, the entrance of which is blocked by an ocean of its own.
The infamous puddle at the entrance of MAST Academy’s Marine Stadium parking lot is unsafe, as it’s not possible to see the bottom and therefore there is no telling what a car may be driving over and through.
According to the Weather Network, it only takes six inches of standing water to stall a low-riding vehicle and causing expensive damage to the vehicle’s engine.
In general, the advice is that, upon approaching standing water, the driver should turn around and find another route.
However, we are not given that option, as there is only one entrance and one exit to the parking lot. Should a person wish to attend school, they are forced to make the irresponsible decision to drive through a huge puddle, considering that’s the only choice at hand.
After making it through the puddle at the entrance safely – if you’re lucky – there is still plenty of standing water to be found throughout the parking lot. A great number of the already limited parking spaces are unusable because they are under water.
Not wanting to park in a puddle is not an issue of snobbery; the fact of the matter is that it is both unsafe and unsanitary to park and then walk through large puddles.
One of the main reasons these puddles are so prevalent throughout the parking lot is due to large potholes that are pretty much unavoidable.
Potholes present a large hazard to vehicles, incurring damages such as low tire pressure, dented rims, and the car pulling to one side or the other and uneven wear on the tires, both of which could be indicative of alignment issues.
To make matters worse, students have been denied parking privileges because of a supposed lack of space, and yet two large buses were parallel parked across about 10 parking spaces, which could have instead been used for students who drive to school.
It has been a rough start for the new parking lot, but the fact that we got a parking lot at all has been a huge deal.
While some of us miss parking accommodations from previous years, we were lucky to even get a parking lot this year that is within an acceptable walking distance to school.
Considering initial conversation of a parking lot even farther away from school, while we wait for the serious issues of the new parking situation to be resolved, we must also be grateful.