Crowded buses squish students; cause uncomfortable moments for all

Walking out of MAST and onto the pool deck, I am only one of an enormous crowd of uncomfortable and annoyed faces. As a MAST student, it is obvious to me that the mission of trying to board a bus after school may feel almost impossible.
Until now, I’ve approached MAST’s changes to our transportation system with a positive outlook. Though it may be uncomfortable, this is just what we have to do since MAST is evolving, I tell myself. That is, until in early October, when I was hit across the face trying to board a bus that obviously could not accommodate the amount of students who needed a seat. Talk about a slap of reality.
Later in this week, my friend and I were the first people to board an empty bus. After only 20 kids had gotten on the bus, the driver pulled out of MAST with 52 empty seats in her bus.
This seemed so ultimately ironic and stupid, because the same school that packs kids into buses like herds of cattle on a daily basis will also send out a practically empty bus when other students still need transportation too.
It should be a top priority of the administration that every MAST student gets on the correct bus safely and as quickly as possible. Admins should be checking—and I mean walking into and scanning with their own eyes—the inside of each bus before it leaves MAST grounds.

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