Consumer Culture takes over holidays

As the holidays rapidly approach, many of us clutch onto coupon cards and rush towards the latest discounts, complicit in the ever growing strength of our consumer culture. With Black Friday sales, commercials full of holiday discount, and the pressure to find a perfect gift for those you care care about (and those you need to buy a gift for out of obligation) it is no wonder we buy and spend compulsively.

The holidays are a wonderful time to appreciate all the amazing people you have in your life and show them how much you care for them. However, gifts are sometimes valued more for their price tage than the thought behind them.

This consumer culture judges people based on how many material things they own and on one’s ability to buy material items for others. In it of itself consumerism is not wrong but the excessive amounts we see this time of year is. It turns the holidays into another money vacuum.

A gift that is handmade you lovingly made for someone should not be valued less than a $60 Supreme t-shirt. Consumerism has put enormous amount of pressure on families who cannot afford to buy expensive gifts, or any gifts at all. Presents should not be the most exciting part of the holiday season, yet large corporations would have us believe they are because it benefits them.

This holiday season The Beacon asks all students to remember the true meaning of this time of year. Assure the people you care about that time with them means more than a gift and do not let this consumer culture take over your holiday season.