Atrocities, evil and ISIS

As tensions rise, The United States increases their attacks against the Islamic State. On November 15 warplanes targeted three hundred oil trucks and successfully attacked one hundred and sixteen presumed to be under ISIS control.
“The purpose of the strike was to help cripple ISIL’s oil distribution capabilities, which will reduce their ability to fund their military operations,” said Colonel Steve Warren.
The military attempted to alert the oil truck drivers of the impending attack by releasing fliers instructing them to flee, to avoid casualties.
The French have also increased their military action following the attacks in Paris.
On November 15 the French Defense Military discharged twenty bombs on ISIS military territory in Raqqa, Syria, with the help of United States defense officials.
It is reassuring to see an alliance between these allied countries, joined in their commitment to protect civilians and end such violent terrorist attacks.
However, will military action provide a long-term solution to this threat?
Islamic State is initiating a holy war directed against enemies within the Middle East and abroad, in order to restore Islam to its ‘former glory.’
As seen with another terrorist organization, Al Qaeda, strong military action, while it harmed members and damaged the organization, did not completely demolish the threat as hoped.
Instead, the Al Qaeda ideology spread to other countries encouraging individuals to join.
Substantial portions of those who join do so due to desperation and propaganda according to A Nonviolent Approach to Terrorism by Tom Hastings.
If communities were self-sustaining, the need to join terrorist organizations for economic reasons would be diminished.
Air strikes in civilian areas could lead to casualties and injuries of innocent bystanders.
Violence does not stop violence and further strategic bombing could encourage retaliation and may cause distrust among the Syrian and Iraqi people, leading them to join the very organization we are trying so hard to stop.
Terrorist organizations such as Islamic State provide life necessities to those in poverty. Through providing for their basic needs they become attractive to vulnerable people.
Islamic State pays its soldiers, providing economic stability for families.
It exploits the grief and anger in Syrian communities and directs it towards those who do not agree with their twisted ideology.
To truly weaken the threat of the Islamic State we must prevent more people from joining.
The true root of a terrorist organization is not the funding but the followers.
It is our job to help countries susceptible to Islamic State recruitment.
It is our duty to provide them with better living standards and life necessities such as food, water and shelter.
The United States needs to take action to contain the Islamic State’s spread of propaganda and internet presence.
Propaganda videos such as Oh Media Correspondent, You are The Mujahid, which is available in both Arabian and English, should be eliminated from the Internet.
Such videos seek to indoctrinate individuals with their ideals, gaining global Islamic State support. To detain further growth and violence the increase in supporters must end.
Violence has never worked against violence, and further acts against the Islamic State will cause distrust for the Western world among the Syrian and Iraqi people.
Military action will only give us a short-term solution to their terrorism.
In order to combat such a serious threat the United States and other countries need to collaborate to finally develop a long-term solution towards the Islamic State’s continuing destruction.

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