Yoga Takeover: A new zen space

Yoga lovers and inner peace cravers your time has come. MAST is slowly changing and the addition of the Yoga area in our own school is making history. That boring brown deck area in the old building above the boat, where students go grudgingly to study uninspired by their surrounding is in for a Namaste makeover.

The yoga and wellness club has taken over the spot and are bringing in hippie rugs, tea bags, self-help books as well as dreamcatchers, bean bags, healing stones and all around good vibes. It will soon be a place where anyone can go and sit for a while, breathing in happiness and breathing out any stress building up inside of you.

This new meditation room is not a place of exclusion, it is a place of inclusion where everyone is welcome to go, spread some love, some good vibes and relax whenever you need a break from it all. The decorated deck will be coming soon, either at the end of this school year or the beginning of the next. But get ready, it is going be a change that we need and a place to breathe.