Upcoming MAST Academy class trips

With the stress of the second half of the school year, each of the grades’ respective class officers have set up a series of activities and class field trips to celebrate the end of the school year.
The first of many events to come is the Sophomore-Junior Lock-in. This will take place on February 16 at GameTime in Sunset from 8 p.m. – 12 a.m. If at least 100 students sign up for Lock-in, both of the classes will have the entire establishment to themselves. The problem that happened with Lock-in (originally scheduled for November 10) was that there was not enough student participation to keep the plans alive. This led to the postponing of lock-in.
At Lock-in there will be a variety activities to entertain everyone in attendance. With the payment of $55, students will be provided with dinner but not transportation to Sunset. The class officers hope that with enough support from the sophomore and junior classes, everyone will be able to enjoy a night of class bonding.
In addition to Lock-in, each of the five classes will be having end-of-year class trips. The eighth graders will be having two different class trips. The first is a four day, three night trip to Boston for 40 eighth grade students happening from April 30 –May 3. The second is “Gradventure”, a one day trip to Universal and Islands of Adventure on May 8, of which 80 eighth grade students will be attending.
The freshmen will be going to Magic Kingdom on April 3. The sophomore class is going to Busch Gardens on January 24. The junior class will be going to Magic Kingdom on March 6.
Lastly, the senior class will also be going to Magic Kingdom, Universal/Islands of Adventure, and Downtown Disney and Quest for their final class trip at MAST from February 5-7.