Upcoming: Enchanted Prom

April 2 is the date to save for every senior and junior. That night MAST’s ladies will dress to the nines, while the gentlemen will deck out in the classiest of ensembles.
They take a trip to their very own Enchanted Forest at the Alexander Hotel for the 2015 Senior and Junior Prom.
The event will start at 7:30 p.m. and looks to end at 11:30 p.m. The night promises to be nothing short of magical.
“Prom this year will be a lot of fun. It is the perfect opportunity for the senior and junior classes to bond,” senior Ana Sicilia, one of the event’s coordinators, said.
For those hoping to attend, admission price is 70 dollars; additionally, attendees must fill out a contract that requires both a student and their guardian’s signature.
The contract highlights the dress code and behavior policy for the event. Students must dress appropriately, sneakers, shorts and t-shirts are not allowed. The contract strictly prohibits the use and possession of alcohol and all other illegal substances at Prom. Recent incidents at school functions have rendered the form nothing short of necessary.
“The attendance contract was made so the student body is 100 percent aware of what is expected at a school sanctioned event. The contract will make Prom both safe and professional,” Activities Director Jennifer Fernandez said.
“Prom is a traditional high school experience and it’s nice that our officers worked so hard to plan this event. Our class is really diverse and it’s nice that we can get together and share this experience,” senior Alexa Baldino said.
“Junior/Senior Prom has been a tradition at MAST since the inception of the school. The officers planning the event are working hard to make sure prom creates memorable high school experiences for all who attend,” Fernandez said.