The Miami Open is relocating

What can Key Biscayne residents expect from the upcoming change?

After 32 years of being in Key Biscayne, the Miami Open is now relocating to Hard Rock Stadium for the years 2019 and on. James Blake, the directory of the tournament, worked closely with the owner of the Miami Dolphins, Stephen Ross, to develop this new proposal.

Many U.S. cities were considered to be used as the new and permanent location for the tournament. But the IMG Co-President Mark Shapiro believe that the Miami Open should remain in South Florida.

“The Miami Open belongs in Miami”, Shapiro said.

The main reason the company is planning to relocate to the Dolphin Stadium was to improve player amenities, increase ample parking, and create an extended fan base. Since there are various ways to reach the stadium, the Miami Open will not struggle with traffic the same way they did on Key Biscayne. With only one entrance to the island, the grid lock to the tournament would last for miles on the causeway.

“The traffic has been horrible. I’ve come to school late many times and I’m glad the Miami Open is leaving the Key”, Senior Maria Calderon said.

Even though many of the residents on Key Biscayne disliked the tournament, the Miami Open leaving can have a bad consequence on the community. Ever since the tournament started in 1985, millions of dollars have flocked to the island. The village earned a lot of money through the hotels, shops and restaurants that were all visited by the tennis fans and even by the players themselves.

The Village of Key Biscayne and its council are going to have to compromise. Even though the traffic will no longer be an issue, they will not be getting as much income as they did in past years.