The Beacon welcomes new advisor Mayling Ganuza

As the school year comes to a fresh start, The Beacon welcomes its new advisor, Mayling Ganuza. In the month since starting as advisor, she has created a bond with each staff member and trained new staff members (fondly referred to as “newbies”).

Ganuza, however, is no newbie to journalism or MAST. She was on staff of the Mako Fuka from her sophomore to senior year (1996-1999).

She recalls memories of her time as a student fondly, “I had a great experience at MAST! I was definitely ‘bout it.’ I was Class President and co-editor of the yearbook. I had excellent teachers–like Ms. Paisley and Ms. Sutton–and I got to make friends with kids from all over the county that I am still in touch with today. However, having to catch the bus at 5:30 a.m. wasn’t as fun,” Ganuza said.

Before becoming The Beacon’s advisor, she was the AS Global Perspectives and Research, and AS Psychology teacher. She remains the the Global Perspectives teacher, although she does not teach psychology anymore.

Ganuza’s AS Global Perspectives and Research class is required for Cambridge program students to graduate, but her 100 percent pass rate proves that her class is rigorous, while still harboring a safe space for students to express themselves intellectually and emotionally.

I use my energy and sharp sense of humor to get students to be engaged and think critically about the world around them,” Ganuza said.

Loved by all her studentsprevious and currentGanuza has made countless changes in students’ lives and will undoubtedly settle in nicely as the year progresses.  The staff of The Beacon is confident that Ganuza will make an irreplaceable addition to the class, and is excited for the year ahead.