Spring musical stuns the stage

The Performing Arts Club is getting ready to debut their latest spring musical, Little Shop of Horrors on March 7. The cast has been having daily rehearsals in preparation for opening night.

Little Shop of Horrors is a musical about a flower shop in downtown “Skid Row,” when an employee finds and raises a “strange and interesting plant”. The two leads, Junior Tomas Lopez and Junior Amanda Marban have been rehearsing since the first Tuesday after Winter Break.

“It’s been very intense having to practice almost every day, but even though it’s intense, it’s such a great experience being a part of an amazing cast with these amazing people,” Marban said.

Tomas Lopez is this year’s male lead, a major change from his role last year as a supporting character in 42nd Street. According to Lopez the change between leading man and supporting character is notable.

“It takes up significantly more time practicing on your own and memorising lines, even outside of rehearsals. However it’s more rewarding and a lot of people are depending on you,” Lopez said.

This year, the show is student directed, with Senior Chloe Schwinghammer taking on the responsibility. In previous years, Schwinghammer was the star of the school productions, but her role has drastically changed this year.

“The director has a lot more responsibility and has the creative portion of the work. They basically have to act for everyone. It’s hard for me to convey my vision, but it’s a really fun and new experience,” Schwinghammer said.