Security measures enforced

New safety regulations have recently been imposed by Miami-Dade County Public Schools as a result of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting. Beginning on April 16, MAST implemented IDs as part of the list of precautions that are now required to ensure school safety.

Considering that our high schoolers do not wear uniforms, the IDs are to allow administration to identify who belongs in the building and who does not.

It is mandatory to wear and have the badge visible at all times. If a student comes to school without it, they will be required to pay a $3 fee to get one reprinted.

Our senior class has watched MAST evolve into a new environment. The Beacon staff asked seniors for their opinion on the new security measures.

“I believe that forcing students to carry lanyards is a perfect example of administration implementing ineffective policies to calm the parents of students. Make sure a tragedy doesn’t occur in school by arming teachers” senior, Alejandro Matar said.

“ Lanyards are pointless in a school like MAST. Since it is a small school a teacher would realize if a student looks out of place or doesn’t belong. If you want to implement security measures that actually work, the entrances are super unsafe, so start there” senior, Maria Guillamont said.