Red light camera program facing an end

As a student driving through The Rickenbacker Causeway, there are three lights before reaching the bridge that lead to school. Three of those lights are red light cameras that students speed through in order to get to school on time.

Driving under the pressure that your license plate will be caught on camera on a yellow light will come to an end after city commissioners agreed to end their red light camera program early next year.

Due to Miami’s poverty rate, commissioners are canceling their 2010 contract with American Traffic Solutions to maintain and operate dozens of red light cameras around the city.
According to Miami Dade Commissioner, “For drivers in the city, the cancellation of the contract means that their license tags will no longer be photographed and reported by cameras perched above intersections around the city, although cameras will still exist elsewhere in Miami-Dade County.”

Citations running will vanish along with the cameras, but anyone caught on camera will still be required to pay.