New school year… New Makos! Here’s what changed:

The start of this school year has already welcomed new changes, and said good-bye to familiar things. These are some differences that you can expect to see, or may have already noticed, around the school. While changes have been made, there are still things that students hope and expect to be completed this year. As the saying goes, “Out with the old, in with the new.”

The Cafeteria:

Many were surprised by the construction of an extended roof outside of the cafeteria. This new extension provides more shaded tables for students to sit at.

“ I think they did a great job thinking about the students at MAST by providing us with extra shade, especially since we tend to have extremely hot days,” junior Christian Caba said.

As far as the blocked off portion on the other side of the cafeteria, you can expect to see a new shaded outdoor patio. “The seating outside was exposed to all the elements, and the sun often beat down on students. Therefore, we are in the process of putting a cover over this area,” assistant principal Michael Gould said.

Farewell from Dr. Rodriguez:

A familiar face was missing on the first day of school, assistant principal Maggie Rodriguez. The unexpected swap of schools this summer didn’t allow for a formal goodbye, but Rodriguez wanted to express her appreciation for the students, faculty, and her time at MAST:

My Dear MAST Mako Teachers, Students and Staff,

My apologies for not bidding you all farewell in person. Towards the end of the summer, I received word that I was being transferred to Miami Springs Senior High School. Although I am already embracing my new school, I do miss the connection that I had with many of you. I wish you all much health and happiness, always. Continue to shine and keep MAST’s name alive and well!

“Once a MAKO, always a MAKO”!

Security booth:

No, we do not have a toll booth at the entrance of our school. Instead the new booth serves as an air-conditioned area for the security guards to sit and monitor at. Security is grateful for the air conditioning, considering the heat they had to endure last year. From now on, every person that enters the school will be logged, in order to keep record of who is entering and exiting the campus.


Vizcaya Buses:

The bell rings at 3, and suddenly the race is on to board a bus. A shortage of Vizcaya bound buses is not a new issue. During the junior class Captain’s Call, this was a concern that was raised. Principal Josephine Otero addressed the issue, saying that it is not a school matter, and that they are waiting on the district for a solution. While there are less buses, Otero expressed that there will be buses that return for a second time to pick up the remainder of students, we just have to be patient.