Miso happy to be in Japan! Makos return from recent spring break trip

There are many skills one can gain through conventional methods, but few things compare to the experience and knowledge one can obtain from getting to see the world when they travel. When given the opportunity to travel, it is one that should not be taken for granted. That being said, with the numerous EF Tour-guided trips that are offered at our very own school, it makes it easier than ever to explore a new culture in a foreign place.

EF Tours strives to bring teachers and students together and bridge the gap between different global perspectives through educational tours from around the world. From countries like Thailand, Italy and Costa Rica, the choices are endless. 20 MAST students went on the Spring break trip to Japan, and it was surely a memorable time, as stated by junior Shireen McKay,

“Going to Japan was easily one of the best trips I have ever been on. The culture and everything technology-wise is so different, it was definitely something to experience,” McKay said.

An 11-day long trip gave way to visiting five Japanese cities: Tokyo, Hakone, Kyoto, Hiroshima and Osaka. Each city had its own allure and culture-oriented activities including a kimono show in Kyoto, karaoke in Hakone and exploring the districts of Harajuku and Shibuya in Tokyo. Traditional meals were provided for breakfast and dinner, allowing free time to browse for lunch, and included foods like miso soup, fish cakes and even pickled bamboo shoots.

Mutual appreciation for the cultural shrines as well as bustling cities was a favorable characteristic of the trip and attracted many. This balance between visiting rural and urban life in Japan was a factor that made the trip so unique, with students getting the chance to tour incredible sights like Mt. Fuji and shop around tourist spots like Teramachi street all in the same vacation.

“I love going on adventures in foreign lands. The architecture blew my mind, my favorite part [of the trip] was seeing how respectful the Japanese are to one another and to nature,” said Dr. Hood, the trip’s sponsor and MAST’s physics teacher.

Overall, venturing to a new continent like Asia has surely been an unforgettable time for students and chaperones alike and will continue to fuel their hunger to explore the world in each and every one of them.