Midterms reveal Republican-controlled Florida

On November 4,
the official election results for the 2014 Florida General Election were finalized and announced Rick Scott, Pam Bondi, Jeff Atwater, and Adam Putnam as the winners for Governor, Attorney General, Chief Financial Officer and the commissioner of agriculture, respectively.
The Florida election had a 50.5 percent voter turnout rate. However, Miami-Dade county, Florida’s largest county by population, had the lowest turnout rate in the state, with only 40.75 percent of the electorate placing votes. Miami-Dade is a predominantly urban county and in the past has voted Democratic.
The low turnout rate of Democrats in Miami-Dade county has led to the loss of Charlie Crist as the Governor of Florida, and reflects the diminishing presence of Democrats within the state.
The 2014 Florida gubernatorial election ended with incumbent Governor Rick Scott, a Republican, narrowly defeating Democratic candidate, Charlie Crist, the former GOP governor of Florida, in the most expensive contest of the 2014 midterms, with an estimated 150 million dollars spent. Scott marginally won the election with 48.3 percent of the votes to Crist’s 47 percent, and had only 64,145 more votes than Crist. Scott’s victory allows Republicans to continue their two-decade streak in Tallahassee
Pam Bondi further secures Republicans in the Florida cabinet with re-election as Florida Attorney General. Bondi is a close ally of Governor Rick Scott and has focused much of her work on combating human trafficking and prescription drug abuse. The former Tampa prosecutor is a vocal opponent of the Affordable Care act and the expansion of Medicaid in Florida.
As of late, Bondi has supported Florida’s ban on same-sex marriage, and focuses on “protecting our state against drug dealers, against people raping our kids, against human trafficking, all of those issues.”
Republican incumbent Jeff Atwater has been elected as Florida’s Chief Financial Officer. Atwater easily beat Democratic opponent William Rankin by a 19-point margin. Rankin struggled to raise funds, raising about $37,000 to Atwater’s 4 million dollars, and received no aid from the state party. Atwater, on the other hand, has been a prominent figure in Florida politics for over 15 years and served as Senate president from 2008-2010.
Republican Adam Putnam has been elected to serve another term as Florida’s Commissioner of Agriculture. The 40-year-old politician was easily re-elected, gaining 59 percent of the votes, over Democratic challenger Thaddeus Hamilton. Putnam, who initially became Commissioner of Agriculture in 2011, received significant name recognition and support from fellow Republicans.
Hamilton, on the other hand, failed to bring in as much money, raising about $21,000 to Putnam’s 3.7 million dollars. Putnam, as Florida’s Commissioner of Agriculture, will oversee school lunch programs, state forests, and help farmers in promoting Florida’s 300 agricultural commodities.
Florida citizens have voted mostly for Republican candidates, a trend seen around the country. Their choices show the national discontent for President Barack Obama’s administration.