MAST students shine in community

April has been a rewarding month for MAST students, especially for those whose efforts in the community, numerous competitions, and sports have been officially recognized.
Kevin Mullin’s 5th period AP Government/Economics class made it to the 28th Annual We the People National Finals in Washington D.C. held on the campus of George Mason University and in hearing rooms on Capitol Hill.
The competition was in the form of simulated congressional hearings which tested students’ knowledge of constitutional principles.
The Beacon staff was awarded with American Scholastic Press Association’s First Place with Special Merit award and the Outstanding Sports Photography Award.
The Association judges school publications on a 1000 point scale, and the Beacon staff received a total score of 970.
Emma Bennett’s drawing entry for the Fairchild Global Challenge, Plants and Their Pollinators has made it to the final online voting portion of the competition which features the Atala Butterfly that was on the brink of extinction and the keystone species the Sable Palm of Florida.
Leo Haines was awarded the Community Organization Youth Leadership Award at the 17th Annual Youth Diversity and Empowerment Day “ In appreciation and admiration for his contributions via Pridelines Youth Services for his contributions to the LGBT community and “Beyond the Binary”, a program that is recognized as “critical to trans and gender non-conforming youth survival.”
In sports, the Lady Makos Girls water polo team made it to water polo states, earning them a spot as one of the top eight teams in Florida.
All these achievements of the student body have made the school proud.