Junior-Senior prom an enchanted evening

Prom2 Prom!

Senior Prom was held at the Alexander Hotel on Miami Beach.
The event, which had an enchanted forest theme, was attended by roughly 150 students, most of whom were seniors.
Prom cost $70 per person, and the classic, Miami Beach hotel’s ballroom was decked out in theme-related decor.
Glass centerpieces filled with twine, flowers and lights, captured the theme, and lent themselves to the atmosphere of the night.
The student government of the Class of 2015 is proud of the work they all put in to make the evening spectacular for all the students who attended.
“Prom was fun to plan and we were happy to see how much everyone enjoyed the evening,” Deborah Brenes, Class of 2015 Historian, said.
Before the festivities began, dinner was served, which included a Caesar salad, chicken with mashed potatoes and vegetables, along with a cheesecake for desert.
Students danced through the night, and many took advantage of the photo booth provided, at which there was almost always a line.
In the photos student were able to use various props such as crowns, hats and masks.
At about half way through the event, prom king and queen were awarded to seniors Carlos Fernandez and Hannah Erb, and prom prince and princess were given to juniors George Perez and Katerina Alvarez.
“The venue was extremely nice. I liked the theme and really loved the photo booth. I think that was a hit for most people. Overall it was a great night, and I hope next year’s prom can meet the high expectations placed by this year,” junior Katerina Alvarez said.
Photos of prom can be accessed online on the MAST Academy Facebook page.

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