Holocaust survivor speaks

Alex Gross, a survivor of the Auschwitz camp during the Holocaust, recently came to speak about his personal experience during World War II.

In March of 1944, Gross and his family were taken to the Munkach Ghetto where they were locked in a car and deprived of basic necessities for days. Gross’ parents begged for him to promise he would survive.Gross’ devotion to his parents gave him the will to never give up on his fight to stay alive.

“During the presentation, I felt the part that stuck to the audience the most was his resilience. After having such shattering traumas, Gross was able to reconstruct his family and develop a life. In addition, his humor and optimistic personality shone through his presentation despite going through many hardships,” German teacher Madame Faye Pollak-Reby said.

Gross was liberated by Americans on April 11, 1945. His brothers, sister and he are believed to be the only family to have all siblings survive the Holocaust. Despite his difficult past, he believes he is truly blessed.

“I am glad that my fellow classmates showed such an interest in Alex Gross who survived the Holocaust because we need to educate the world about the subject so it does not happen to any other groups of people,” Maia Feldman said.