Drama club chooses City of Angels for 2016 play

While most students were rushing to the buses after school on November 18, others were nervously sitting in the music room rehearsing monologues and warming up their vocal chords. Although MAST Academy‘s primary focus is on its science and math programs, it also has a thriving performing arts program.
The drama club, a sub-group of the performing arts club, has recently announced the production they will be putting on this year for their annual show.
Performing arts president Senior Carolina Sanchez de Varona and music teacher Cayce Benton have decided to produce City of Angels, a musical that celebrates the noir style popularized in the 1940s.
City of Angels weaves together two plotlines, the real world of a writer trying to turn his book into a screenplay and the fantasy world of the film that changes as the author edits his work.
“We picked City of Angels because it is an ensemble. The show we did my freshmen year was [also] an ensemble and we had a lot of fun. I wanted to introduce people to a show where there is not just one lead,” Sanchez de Varona said.
Auditions, which were held on November 18, had a large turnout.
Seniors Jorge Betancourt and Lucas Pizzutti have been cast as the male leads in this noir drama. Pizzutti will play Stine, the author turned screenplay writer who is struggling to keep the integrity of his novel intact.
Betancourt will play Stine’s character Stone, a wisecracking detective who has a weakness for pretty women.
“As a thespian, I relish the challenge that the lead role presents to me. All joking aside however, it’s pretty scary since it’s such a huge responsibility but I think with the help of everyone else, some hard work, and a little bit of fairy dust, anything is possible,” Pizzutti said about his role.
Putting on a play for the entire school is always requires a lot of work and can be stressful for the performers, but the actors always have a great time putting on the show together.
“For me, costumes are always the most exciting part. City of Angels is a period piece set in the 1940’s and I love vintage shopping for the costumes. Also, staying late is exciting because we all get to bond,” Sanchez de Varona said.
The show will be performed on after school March 9, 10, and 11 for students, faculty, and parents.
“I expect that this year’s play is going to be really successful. We have a great cast filled with fun, talented, and enthusiastic people so no matter how it turns out, I’m certain everyone is going to have a lot of fun,” Pizzutti said.