Dangerous driving on Miami roads

Everywhere you go, people will say that their country, state or city has the worst drivers. Miami citizens will often lay claim to this “accomplishment.” Now, they officially can. Investigative magazine Slate has released data pinning Miami as the city in the United States with the worst drivers.
According to the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles, there are about 50,000 traffic accidents every year in Miami-Dade County alone. Not only that, but Slate writes that Miami beats all other cities by a large margin.
“[Miami is] First in automotive fatalities, first in pedestrian strikes, first in the obscenity-laced tirades of their fellow drivers,” Slate reporter Brian Palmer, said.
The evidence against Miami continues to pile up. The Florida Highway Patrol released data saying that Miami-Dade county had the most hit and runs in the state. Every year there are about 13,000 hit and runs. Every day, 35.
There are many theories for why Miami drivers disregard road rules and signs. Some people blame it on illegal immigrants who don’t want to be caught without a license or papers. Some say it’s the police who are to blame, as they claim the police often drive just as badly as the rest of Miami.
Through all this finger pointing and speculation, the fact remains that every day, we have to drive through the insanity of Miami’s roads.
The road rage, hit and runs and speeding drivers that characterize Miami’s streets and highways are a constant danger to all drivers on the road.
A large percentage of students at MAST are drivers, and have to be vigilant for the dangerous drivers around them.
“Driving in Miami is extremely stressful. You spend half the time praying for other drivers to use their blinkers, and the other half in awe of the fact that the only drivers that do, put their blinkers on five turns before,” says senior Taylor Light, who has been driving since she turned 15.
Many students drive to school and pass through a section of I-95, a highway stretching from New England to Florida. In 2010, the part of I-95 in Florida was the most dangerous highway in the United States.
For students driving to school it is also a challenge to deal with all the traffic that tends to build itself up on I-95. While I-95 is just one small portion of a super sized problem, the traffic in Miami is a big reason that there are so many accidents, as people try to climb all over each other to beat it.
According to state statistics, Miami-Dade county had 1.1 million traffic citations in 2012. The state of Florida, on average, has 4.5 million traffic citations a year. This means that Miami-Dade accounts for about one-fourth of the traffic citations in the whole state.
Not only this, but the traffic citations are often fought off by ticket clinics, giving Miami-Dade residents a sense of invincibility when it comes to driving.
The crazy driving in Miami is as inescapable as the constant heat is, but junior Carolina Sanchez de Varona manages to occasionally look on the bright side, “If you can learn to drive safely in Miami, wherever else you go, driving will be a piece of cake,” Sanchez de Varona said.