Climate-conscious apparel makes waves

Sanc—which is short for sanctuary—is a clothing line created by MAST alumni Alex Buchwald, Chris Loggia, Yehudy Lander, Eric Reidmiller, Coby Barreras and Theo Quenee. The student run clothing line that specializes in hoodies, t-shirts and stickers quickly became a staple in every Mako’s wardrobe. Having been built upon the notion of ocean conservation and education, Sanc continues to foster a positive impact on the school long after its founders’ graduation.

On November 21, Marine Science teacher and Ocean Conservation Club advisor Christina Walker was pleasantly surprised to find the Sanc co-owners waiting for her in her classroom.

“They said they had a donation and just pulled out $1,000 in cash… which was amazing. It was such a rush I didn’t even get a picture with them or anything other than the letter they brought with the donation,” Walker said.

Walker plans to use the money to rebuild a 250 gallon coral tank originally set up by original lead Marine Science teacher Joseph Zawodny. The tank has been out of use for the past four years due to an unrepaired leak.

This would be Sanc’s second donation to Ocean Conservation Club. Regarding the motivation behind the donation, Theo Quenee said, “We noticed that some of the tanks were empty so we asked Ms.Walker why they weren’t being used and she said it was because they didn’t have the budget.”