Class of 2016 ring ceremony is a riveting success

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On February 19, the class of 2016 completed their transition from lower to upper classmen with the junior ring ceremony. As families and friends cheered and confetti dropped from the ceiling, the class of 2016 celebrated this rite of passage.
In recent years the junior ring ceremony has had a theme, and this year the class officers were inspired by a book they read in their English class.
“[The theme of the ceremony] was definitely inspired by The Great Gatsby, which we read in Ms. Crespo’s class,” junior class vice president Katerina Alvarez said.
The stage was decorated in the gold and black colors that are typical of one of Jay Gatsby’s parties and the program was in the style of The Great Gatsby movie poster.
The ceremony began with a few words from junior class sponsor Mar Trujillo. As the members of the class of 2016 marched into the auditorium, they were greeted by a full house of families and friends.
In fact, the auditorium was so packed with supporters that there were people standing along the aisles because all the seats were filled.
After all the juniors took their seats, the JROTC students presented the colors and junior Rachel Frame sang the national anthem.
“I felt very lucky to be able to honor our country and our class by singing the national anthem,” Frame said.
After a few speeches from the junior class officers, the principal, and a Herff Jones representative about the tradition of the class ring, each student walked on stage and received their ring, along with a turn book, a flower, and a box to hold their ring.
At the end of the ceremony, Principal Josephine Otero read the dedication and led the Class of 2016 as they put on their rings together in a gesture that symbolized class unity and the beginning of the juniors’ road to graduation.
The junior ring ceremony only happens once in a person’s life, so the class officers wanted to make sure that the ceremony was a memorable one.
“It was our goal to organize an elegant and sophisticated event. It came out as perfect was we envisioned it. It was a great turnout,” junior class secretary Olivia Zaiac said.
Trujillo was also glad with how the event turned out.
“I feel like it went extremely well and everyone was happy and excited with having finally become upper classmen. [The class officers] did great with the decorations and it was a very classy event,” Trujillo said.